Living the unlife!

Welcome to the Zombie Life Wiki!!Edit

Zombie Life is an awesome game made by The Playforge (which is the same company who made Zombie Farm). It is basically when you wake up as a zombie and now you have to blend in with the people. Don't let anybody know, though- people will run away screaming from you!

   Some high points of the game:
  • Customize your zombie to blend in.
  • Get hired with jobs to earn gold
  • Biting and scaring people
  • Hang out and do extracurricular activities
  • Decorate your home with furniture
  • Explore different places and get familiar with your community.

Game DescriptionEdit

Zombie Life is a game on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad where you play as a zombie. You wake up from the dead and you walk around, trying to get around and not looking like a hobo. You will eventually get a job (which always starts as a janitor) to make money. You can spend that money on:

  • Nice smelling things to disguise your decaying zombie smell
  • Food to improve your mood
  • Energizing drinks
  • Furniture
  • Plastic Surgury
  • Clothes
  • Home Improvements